The Alliance is based on subsidiarity, meaning that it works closely with the tourism community, particularly with respect to marketing. Also for the advancement of Quebec tourism, the Alliance’s multidisciplinary team works on strategic collaboration with industry partners and in public affairs.

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Martin Soucy

President - Chief Executive Officer

Sébastien Viau

Sales and Marketing Vice-President

Octavie Albert

EQON Social Media Manager

James Allen

Americas Business Development Manager

Cynthia Babin

Marketing Partnerships Coordinator

Clotilde Barbotin

Events Logistics Manager

Justine Basson

EQON Digital Content Senior Manager

Jean-Philippe Bastien

Business Development Senior Manager

Karine Blais

Marketing Partnerships Manager

Manon Blanchet

Public Affairs Manager

Catherine Blanchette

Signage Coordinator

Alexandre Bled

EQON Digital Platforms Manager

Stéphanie Bleu

Europe Media Relations Manager

Emmanuelle Cadieux

Signage Coordinator

Marily Charpentier

Marketing Administrative Agent

Céline Chau

Brand Coordinator

François-G. Chevrier

Public Affairs Strategic Advisor

Vicky Corbeil

EQON Director

Anne-Hélène Couturier

Corporate Communications Manager

Julie Dionne

Marketing Partnerships Senior Manager

Véronique Dostie

Signage Coordinator

Frédéric Dubé, M. Sc.

Corporate Affairs and Communications Director

Fannie Durocher

Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Filion Pion

Marketing Administrative Agent (On maternity leave)

Ling Gao

Asia Market Senior Manager

Nathalie Gaudet

Marketing Senior Manager

Laurence Gaudreau

EQON Social Media Manager

Ileana Gonzalez Voyer

EQON UX Expert

Sophie Hénault, CPA, CMA, M.Sc.

Finance and Administration Director

Kim Huard-Carette

Americas Press Relations Manager

Marie-Hélène Hudon

Marketing Strategic Advisor

Alexandra Leclerc

International Business Development and Media Relations Director

Nadia Madzarac

Logistics Media Relations Coordinator

Pierre-Luc Marier

EQON Affairs Analyst

Julien-Pierre Martel

Affairs and Politics Analyst

Kim Martel

Communications Senior Manager

Guylaine Martin

Managing Team Administrative Agent

Audrée Mc Nicoll

Signage Senior Manager

Corina Elena Olaru

Accounting Technician

Samuel Potvin

Marketing Partnerships Manager

Joey Provost

Asia Market Coordinator

Miantsa Razafindramanana

Marketing Partnerships Manager

Clément Rovère

Brand Manager

Guylaine Sigouin

Level I Accounting Technician

Rosine Tabakian

Accounting clerk and Receptionnist

Julia Yaccarini

Content Creation and Production Senior Manager